Karl's Blog - 2019-11-28
Karl's Blog

Looking back over this past year, I have so much to be thankful for. Abba has been so good to us and taught us a lot.

  • Getting a better job.
  • Allowing me to purchase a travel trailer big enough to live in while our new house is being built
  • Our new house
  • Our new truck
  • My wife's business taking off and the sale of one of her websites.
  • Being able to finally break free of many of the traps I was in from believing lies about myself and the world I live in.
  • Allowing me to see the benefits of being humble enough to drop the pride and admit that I was messed up and allow other people to point out my faults so that I could work on doing better which cleared my head so I could make better decisions.
  • Keeping us safe while we moved the family accross the country even through a near accident with the truck and travel trailer.
  • Given the courage to quit my job even though I did not have another job lined up yet and trust that Abba would take care of us.
  • Learning how to be better at keeping my word so others can trust me more
  • Learning how to sacrifice my own desires for what is best for the family I am responsible for.
  • Getting an offer on our old house that if it goes through will prevent us from needing to make two house payments.
  • The practice and improvements in redirecting my thoughts so that worries and negative thinking is not paralyzing to me.
  • How to do things rather than just talk about them or think about them.
  • Practice starting and finishing projects rather than just agonize of how I need to do it perfectly.
  • Learning how love does not insist on its own way
  • My wife
  • My children
  • And above all my God/Abba who teaches me that obeying His rules has many, many benefits including but not limited to, eternal life.
  • My wife and I were sad to hear about Zack Bower's wife Jaime passing away today. She struggled with cancer this past year. Zack has two young boys. I think about how tough it will be for the boys to grow up without their mother but on the other hand, I think about how this is an opportunity for them to look to Abba to fill in the gaps so they depend on Him more. I pray that this happens and they will grow up learning to listen,trust and obey so they will be strong leaders of their families in the future.