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Vimwiki Front Page Addition

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Recently, I have decided it is time to start adding to my blog which is created using the Vim plugin, Vimwiki.

One item that I have wanted for a while is a preview or way to display recent posts on the front page. It dawned on me how to accomplish this today.

Vimwiki allows you to add tags to each page. In the past, I have always run the Vimwiki command, :VimwikiGenerateTags which generates a listing of all the tags used with corresponding links to those pages. I found out today though that there is an option to generate this list using specific tags instead of all of them. :VimwikiGenerateTags <tagname1>

I was pretty excited to find this which allows me to add a unique tag for items that I want linked on the front page.

For example if I add the tag :front: to a page then on the front page use the command, :VimwikiGenerateTags front it generates the list of links only to pages containing the :front: tag.