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Facebook No More

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I first setup an account on F@c3b00k in order to stay in contact with friends and former classmates. About a year afterwards, I decided to stop using it when I found myself spending several hours a day playing Farmville. Since then, there have been several periods of activity and non activity each period of activity being more negative.

This past year I have logged in every few weeks, each time finding that there was nothing that anyone had posted that benefitted me in any way.

Then recently on Steem a friend re-posted the following video which finally made up my mind to leave FB behind forever.

Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains Deboosting

What bothers me most now is that I apparently can not delete the account. I can only deactivate it which means that it is still accessible.

After thinking about this, there must be a way to get the account deleted rather than just deactivated. I will continue to search and will update this post when I find more information.

If you have additional information, I would appreciate knowing more and can be contacted by one of the methods on this website's Contacts page.