Karl's Blog

Showing some pictures of the recent progress on our greenhouse...

This is a picture before we got the plastic up. The row of strawbeds will be used for planting. We soak the bales for several days then we dig pockets out of the straw which we then add an egg, banana peel and rabbit manure. After another few days we plant in these pockets.

Inside after attaching the plastic. We have not yet attached the plastic at the corners yet. The blue pastic barrels were a gift from some friends that taught us a lot about building the greenhouse.

The other end of the greenhouse showing the door frame and the fan above right after attaching the wiring to the fan. This is a temperature controlled attic vent fan that at first I was worried about being able to move enough air but we have found that it works just fine even when the temperature outside is in the 90s.

Outside view after trimming the spare plastic from the corners.