Karl's Blog

Worked from home today.

Moved the chicks and turkeys outside so they could get some fresh grass. They are fenced in around the back of our green house. I am thinking of putting a light in the green house shinning out so predators will be deterred. If the light is in the green house, I don't have to worry about covering it to protect from rain. Their PVC run is connected so we can move the run with them to fresh grass during the day as we need. Not sure how long it will be before I just let them free in the yard. Heather things that they will only be around another few weeks before we butcher them. The turkeys will be with us through the summer though.

I added two more PVC 45 elbows to the plastic box container so more birds could eat from it.

It looks like the ducks pulled the grass I had filled the bee hive opening with. Today the bees were very active going and coming to the hive. I still need to verify the queen has been releaseed. Heather and I cleaned off the frames for the 2nd Deep Hive body to add. I am eager to get into the hive to see how they are doing. I did not see a lot of pollen on the bees coming into the hive however it rained recently too. Half of the quart feeder full of sugar water is gone.

Tonight, at the boy's scout meeting, Nicholas was elected Senior Patrol Leader. Heather and I are very proud of him. Aaron also said that he asked Mr Rogers about his patches. I was proud of him taking the initiative.

First Lawn mowing today. Grass was really tall after all of the rain recently. Put a lot of grass clippings in the compost bin and used it to also cover bare spots to encourage growth.

Another quail egg hatched today - will wait till he is fully dried and moving around before adding to the rest of the flock in the brooder. Boy the incubator really stinks now. Can't wait to empty it out.

Election Primaries were today. Heather and Mikayla went to vote but I did not. I saw a article this evening that Ted Cruze had bowed out of the race which I am not sure whether to believe or not. I am eager to see how things went for Hillary/Bernie Sanders. I still believe that Trump and Hillary are scheming together... but we'll see.