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diary 2016-04-11

vimwiki wordpress

Today I updated the version of Vimwiki used to generate this blog/wiki from 2.1 to 2.3. This version has some fixes and feature additions. I was looking at the ability to add tags to a file but did not see any indication that this added any functionality to the html export. I suppose that this could be customized however I am too tired from work to think about how to implement.

Yesterday I installed wordpress on a raspberrypi B+ with Nginx. I used a mysql server running on another box. It is suprisingly fast however this is under no load or using any additional wordpress plugins which always add bloat. I suspect that eventually, I will probably need to upgrade the raspberrypi to either a 2 or 3. If I needed to go beyond that, I could loadbalance between multiple pis and use a common storage for uploaded content (pics, media, etc).