Karl's Blog

Happy New Year!

Stayed up last night till midnight with the help of coffee!

Today I finished plugging some cracks around the back door which were letting cold drafts in.

I also finished putting plywood between the bedframe and mattress. The mattress is a memory foam with no box spring so the mattress was sagging between the frame pieces which was causing back problems. Hopefully, this will help us sleep better.

I have been thinking of setting up a piwik server to monitor/see if anyone visits this site.

Daughter was pretty excited last night when she saw that someone had subscribed to her instagram account.

This week our oldest son had his first official flying lesson. I was surprised that he got to take off and land by himself.

We decided today to look into getting a small outdoor building to use as an office which would allow us to work away from the house undisturbed. This would also allow us to get rid of the desks in the bedroom and use it more as an area to escape/relax.