Karl's Blog

Work: finished up moving websites off the old CPanel server. Added firewall rules to block all access from outside as well as blocked port 80 dest.

Home: Replacement furnace control board arrived today. After work, I installed the board, taking one connection out of the old board at a time and connecting to the new board. After connecting the new board, I was able to complete all of the self tests successfully. When I connected the thermostat and turned it up, only the fan came on. Feeling pretty frustrated and worried that we might have to call out the repairman after all, it dawned on me that most newer thermostats had a "fan only" option. This might mean that I had hooked up the thermostat wrong. After checking online, I disconnected the wires from the thermostat, then shorted out the R and W connections on the control board - after a few seconds the furnace lit and blower came on... Success so far!

I pulled apart the old thermostat and found the the wrong color wires has been connected to the old thermostat. While pulling it apart, I decided that it would be a good idea to get a new programmable thermostat. After hooking this up, the furnace still did not light until I discovered that I had connected up the wrong wires. Once this was corrected the furnace came on fine. Now I just have to learn about programming the thermostat.