Karl's Blog

Today: cleaned out the chick area in the chicken coop to make room for storing stuff for winter like the grill. Also cleared the rocks and weeds away from the area just outside the back door to make room for pallet to stack firewood on. I put a bamboo pole in the center to strap the middle of a tarp to so the tarp would shed water instead of puddling and dripping down on the firewood. Stacked several layers of firewood on the pallet to bring it to about2 fee high.

I also pulled most of the weeds from the pea beds. They were really thick. I am thinking of taking the plastic feed bags that I pulled from the sheds and putting under the pea beds then filling them up with compost to prepare for next year.

I called the gravel place but found that they are not open on Saturday. I will try to head down on Monday as early as I can. I plan on taking a garbage can to fill maybe 2/3 with sand and then fill as many 5 gallon buckets as I have with clay. Hoping that I won't have to spend too much on that.

#2 was camping with the boyscouts last night and today so we were looking forward to sleeping in. Didn't work out that way though.

Last night the Internet was down so email and one of Heather's websites was not available. I need to see if Hover's DNS has the ability to redirect based on availability. If so I will move all of Heather's DNS from INdigital to Hover.

Also thought it would be interesting to see if for outside hosting, we could use a host that offers Docker containers for less.