Karl's Blog

I went to the doctor to see about my cough. Since, I had been on antibiotic for the cough about 3 weeks earlier, she wanted to try a breathing treatment. About two min into the treatment, I started coughing and passed out. Heather told me that I turned bright red, jerked upright and keeled over doing a face plant into some wooden toys that were lined up against the wall. I remember coming to, not being able to see anything and feeling panicky as I fought for air and hearing lots of voices around me. Heather was holding head. Eventually, I remember them sitting me up and then lying back with my head on a pillow. My head hurt a little and when I pulled my hand away, it was bloody.

Heather told me that when I fell, the chair I had been sitting on fell on top of me. She grabbed the chair while calling for help.

I ended up needing to get five stitches in my forehead. Afterwards, I went to the Hospital for a chest x ray which eventually proved that I did not have pneumonia.

I took the rest of the day off from work.