Karl's Blog

This evening we went to Andy and Brittany's for suppoer (didn't get there until 7).

We were supposed to watch Disney's Frozen and a movie about the making of Mary Poppins but Jacob had plumbing problems and didn't make it.

We ended up playing wii Pictionary and the game, "Left, Right Center" which was fun.

We left about 11 and just after turning onto County Road 800 S , we got stuck in a snow drift. The wind was blowing the snow into almost blizzard conditions. We had a foldable shovel in the van and I tried shoveling out but was only able to back the van up a couple of feet. I called Andy and they came out with a snow shovel. we worked for a while and was able to back the van upa few more feet but no more.

Andy said that drift that we were in only went about 40 feet behind us.

Eventually I decided to send them back and call 911.

The 911 dispatcher didn't really know what to do so she gave me the phone number for a tow service in Shipshewana.

I called the tow service and the guy running the tow truck said that he would be out as soon as he was done with the job he was going to.

An hour and half later I got a call from the tow truck who wanted to know if we still wanted us to come out which I confirmed.

It took him another 45 minutes before he called to say that he was behind another big drift behind us. I walked through the drift that we were in back to where he was at. The drift that he was behind was much bigger than the one we were stuck in. He didn't want to try shoveling through it so he called a friend who had a front loader to come out.

After calling he wanted to see if he could ram through the drift which he was able to do.

We drove the tow truck to the drift where we were stuck and he decided that he would try to winch the car backwards out of the drift. We had to shovel the snow out from underneath the van so he could attach the hooks and then connect that to a cable going back to the tow truck.

I had to take breaks to warm up in the van which we were running every 15 minutes so it didn't get too cold for everyone inside. Nicholas kept offering to help but I didn't want him outside because the wind was so bad (reported to have been 50MPH).