Karl's Blog

FortWayne Food Swap today. More people were there today than last time.

I need to get backups of my bitcoin accounts.

Recently the price of bitcoin rose to about \(240 then went down to around \)200. Might be good to keep an eye on bitcoin related news. Also need to find out more about using ripple to buy bitcoin.

Today I came up with the idea for a keyboard attachment that could anchor to a usb keyboard that uses a usb-to-go adapter. I think I want to build one and try selling it. Maybe I could sell a kit for about $25. It would be nice to find an ergonomic keyboard that is still small. I think that the idea would be nice for people to take to meetings or conferences. The phone stand should include three usb ports (keyboard, mouse and usbstick). It should be tested so that the entire arrangement works well on a lap (less stable/flat than a desk.) The stand should be adjustable so the phone can be positioned at different angles.